Unit 4 Creating A Digital Showcase

UNIT 4 Creating A Digital Showcase

assesment objective

AO4 1. Specity Project Requirements

  • intended audience
  • purpose of the product
  • main topics and key features
  • conditions/scenarios in which it will be used and any usage constraints that need to be taken ino account
  • success cirteria

AO4 2. Design a Solution

  • interface design eg screen layout, use of colour and fonts, navigation icons.
  • structure and navigation eg hierarchical, web or mesh
  • script and storyboard each section indicating timings where relevant
  • interactive elements

AO4 3. Create and edit multimedia elements

  • create, format and edit text
  • create drawings, diagrams and charts
  • take digital pictures, scan images and retrieve clip art

AO4 3.2. Create and edit multimedia elements

  • edit and retouch images
  • create animation(s)
  • record and edit sounds
  • record and edit video clips
  • Apply sound and video effects and transitions investigate copyright of information found acknowledge sources

AO4 4. Optimise multimedia elements

  • dimensions
  • compression
  • resolution
  • frame rate
  • file format(s)
  • Export sound and video clips in suitable file formats

AO4 5. Author an interactive multimedia product

  • use a range of multimedia elements
  • synchronise elements to play at specified intervals i.e. timeline
  • user interaction eg pause/play, menus, forms, drag and drop
  • multimedia effects and transitions
  • alternative pathways

AO4 6. Use the results of testing and feedback to produce the final version

  • links and pathways
  • proof-reading text
  • accurate alignment of elements
  • interactive features
  • robustness and stability of product in different conditions

Review the finished product, eg

  • seek feedback from test users using appropriate methods
  • obtain suggested improvements from test users
  • produce final version
  • plan changes
  • Implement changes

AO4 7. Create a user guide

  • how to install the product
  • how to use the product
  • the system requirements